Public Safety Awards

Great night engraving/cutting for some of our local public safety personnel… excited to GIVE these to those who serve us!


They look great


I like these. Very professional.


You certainly should be excited to give those! Terrific work! They will feel good receiving them!

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I think those are very special. So are you for thinking of doing that for them. Having been a volunteer firefighter and chaplains for a fire department, this touches my heart. I am sure these recipients will be very honored and blessed by your thoughtfulness.


I am sure they were happy to receive them.

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Those do look really good.

If you don’t mind, could you tell me what type of acrylic you were using?

Sharp. Folks will be proud to display these. Not just for the honor, but because they look super spiffy too.

Sure - 1/4 black and green glass acrylic.

@markcall - how did you secure the black acrylic backing and stand?

I made the slot space in the base tight enough to hold it all in - no glue at all… I did add rubber feet to bottom

I use prograde acrylic.