Puff the Magic Dragon has Touched Down

Here I sit like like the dog who chased busses and finally caught one. What do I do now? Everything is so much bigger than in my imagination and the golden date? in this case Feb 8, well here it is Feb 8 and here is Puff at my door looking so much bigger than in cartoons that he had to come through the door sideways :open_mouth::heart_eyes:


Congrats! :smile:

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Yeah, there is that moment.
I immediately started about 12 projects, then finally slapped myself and decided to focus, since you cannot do 12 at the same time.

Success! Now I am down to only 3 at a time…


I wish my problems were that easy. It is still just inside the door in its box while I find something to move it and something to put it on. And will need help just to lift it when I get that much done.

All plans fail on contact with the actual situation.
Well managed to move it to the larger dining room area where it needs to live for a bit till I get the filter working as that is the only usable window to blow the smoke out of :confused: at least I may be able to make a few needed parts


A simple box might be the way to go for now on your filter manifold. You should be able to make it with the glowforge, you’d just need a short length of 4" pipe and 10" pipe to attach to the hose and filter respectively…?

Heck with a pretty tough cardboard box of the right size, you can probably hack something together for the time being?

I’m sure you’ll figure it out, you got this!

It is rather like rowing across a lake. you start out and can see progress right away, but a bit further till you almost reach the other side it is like you are not moving at all. The most immediate problem is opening the box so it can be used again there are a few bumps and tears but looks much better than some I have heard of here, all four handles survive.