Pulp magazines


A trove of 11,000 pulp magazines from the late 1800s and up to modern times.


Untold amounts of art in there.

EDIT: so turns out there’s some adult content in here. I was focused on the sci fi and didn’t really vet the rest. Be warned that some stuff is NSFW and definitely not for kids.


Great find. Thanks for sharing!


Is Leatheroid safe to laser? The February 1930 True Detective has an offer for a Corona typewriter with a free Leatheroid case. So can I laser it?

Nice find.


Leatheroid was derived from an unknown liquid at the center of a meterorite that fell to earth.

Leatheroid may suddenly accelerate in unexpected directions.

Do not taunt Leatheroid.


can’t send enough love your way!:heart::heart::heart::heart:


What an awesome resource, thanks for the share! There’s hours worth of browsing to be had there.

Public Service Announcement:
Be careful and pay attention to the titles. I just randomly opened one called “Cinema Sewer” to show a coworker all the cool magazines and it was a bit (OK, very) awkward when an x-rated images popped up. :roll_eyes: :crazy_face: His only comment was, “Hmm, interesting taste in magazines…” :no_mouth:

(Now, all you folks who rush over to see what I’m talking about, no complaining, I warned you lol.)