Pulp magazines

A trove of 11,000 pulp magazines from the late 1800s and up to modern times.


Untold amounts of art in there.

EDIT: so turns out there’s some adult content in here. I was focused on the sci fi and didn’t really vet the rest. Be warned that some stuff is NSFW and definitely not for kids.


Great find. Thanks for sharing!

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Is Leatheroid safe to laser? The February 1930 True Detective has an offer for a Corona typewriter with a free Leatheroid case. So can I laser it?

Nice find.

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Leatheroid was derived from an unknown liquid at the center of a meterorite that fell to earth.

Leatheroid may suddenly accelerate in unexpected directions.

Do not taunt Leatheroid.


can’t send enough love your way!:heart::heart::heart::heart:

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What an awesome resource, thanks for the share! There’s hours worth of browsing to be had there.

Public Service Announcement:
Be careful and pay attention to the titles. I just randomly opened one called “Cinema Sewer” to show a coworker all the cool magazines and it was a bit (OK, very) awkward when an x-rated images popped up. :roll_eyes: :crazy_face: His only comment was, “Hmm, interesting taste in magazines…” :no_mouth:

(Now, all you folks who rush over to see what I’m talking about, no complaining, I warned you lol.)