Punching holes in aluminium

Hi folks! Still a bit of a newbie here, but I’m finally getting the hang of drawing in Inkscape and cutting and engraving stuff and am having a blast…love my GlowForge! I have a question for the guru’s out there (of which I know there are a few…). I’ve been asked by my dad if I can cut a multitude of small holes (about .5 mm diameter) in either very thin acrylic or very thin aluminium. Doable?

Thanks for any insight.


Aluminum Nope. Sorry. Acrylic yes.


You could make an excellent jig for drilling your aluminum out of thin MDF (draftboard) or acrylic…


Other options: you can adhere some metallic polyester film like Oracal 352 (make sure it’s polyester based, not PVC which contains chlorine and should not be lasered) to whatever your favorite material for lasering is (wood, acrylic, whatever). And you can also buy acrylic which has a metal-looking surface.


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