Punky Pewster - Es CUTE cheon!


Yeah yeah I made the obligatory Founder’s Ruler outta PG acrylic… it’s cool, but…

Not friggin’ Punky Pewster escutcheon cool… :slight_smile:

Holy smokes, look at the fine detail and this was using the factory stock engrave settings for the PG acrylic, and the artwork was actually vector art converted into a bitmap in Inkscape just because it was easier than combining all the vectors into laser-happy items.


Oh yeah, the eyes put it right over the top! Chuckle! :sunglasses::+1:


Action Shot!


I can see you are having fun already! Don’t forget to eat and sleep!


One of my favorite so far. Hadn’t thought of Punky Brewster in years :slight_smile:


Looks awesome!!!


That made me smile. Thanks. Is it 2 or more layers thick? If so, how did you glue them up? If not what is holding it on the button?


It’s just a single layer 1/8".

Right now, gravity is the only thing holding it there. :slight_smile: I might cut a ring to glue up underneath as some point so it doesn’t slide off.