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My plus just broke today after 2 years of use. Waiting to see about getting repaired but I am looking at buying a Pro. I saw on Amazon they offer a 4 year extended warranty for $76 for the plus and wondered if anyone has bought a Pro and then bought an extra warranty elsewhere? I like the 4 years extended on the Plus.

Use the search function and look up “Asurion”, a lot of discussion on this subject. Lots of people on both sides, but if you’re using it commercially, it won’t cover it.


I got it only to discover that if you use the machine for commercial purposes, Asurion won’t cover it.

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I have an Asurion extended warranty, but I do not use my machine to make things to sell. It is just a hobby machine for me.

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I can’t confirm this, but I think it is not the “commercial” bit that is the problem.

I think the issue is if more than 1 person uses it that invalidates the warranty.

If you think about it - it is supposed to be insurance for office equipment - how could it not cover commercial use.

That said, I don’t have the warranty, I’ve not seen the policy, I’ve just seen a lot of threads discussing this.

I’ve also seen people say they have claimed without problem and others who have said they refused to cover the issue when claimed.

So, buyer beware - it might cover you, commercial use or otherwise.

I have never seen a report of a claim being paid on this forum.

I have seen MANY reports (elsewhere) of how terrible they are to deal with. They have been around a long time, my experience has been in the mobile phone arena. They have every excuse under the sun for why your particular issue isn’t covered.

Go check on BBB. Almost 2000 official complaints.

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