Purchase Glowforge for a school

I have now sent 4 emails to glowforge support how I would like to purchase a laser for my school and I have yet to receive a response. Has anyone else experienced this?

Are there some particular things that you need in place to purchase? Purchase Order? Net 30?

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Get a credit card handy or use Affirm, go to the Glowforge website and place the order.

They don’t do P.O. or Payment Terms.


There is an Amazon option too.

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They don’t have the pro on amazon or I could do that.

Schools require a copy of a company’s w9 to process Orders and I have emailed them many times requesting a copy and I get no response

We could send them a check if they would just give us a copy of the w9. I have never dealt with a company that simply won’t reply when you email and ask them for it

In the past this has happened because of email hiccups, either because their emails back to you are going into a spam folder, or your emails to them are not getting through for some reason. You should post your issue in Problems and Support (they likely won’t see it here), and that will guarantee that they see it.


I just found in the FAQ that Glowforge has their W9 online.


So - you can transfer ownership - I wonder if there’s an entity out there that could act as a reseller? And perhaps the W9 post above will solve your issue, but there have been others on here wanting the same thing without luck.

In essence they do this by allowing amazon to sell them. My school can buy from amazon but glowfordge doesn’t have the pro model on amazon

It amazing to me that so may good people can give me feedback but nothing from glowfordge! This could be resolved in a moment and they don’t reply

Well I don’t believe they check this forum, but I’m not 100% sure. You need one of the GF elders to weigh in here.

I’d say with that many emails, if they were spaced apart any decent amount of time, that the replies were getting caught in a server black hole/rejected. Seems that the Zendesk emails (the support ticketing system) are at risk of getting blocked by some servers…

As for on this forum, they only actively monitor the Problems and Support category (and new threads there open a new support ticket).

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