Purchased Cast but received Extruded Acrylic

So I’m annoyed that I purchased acrylic that was advertised as cast and its most likely extruded.

I haven’t how to push back yet

If I keep them; I make edge lit keychains. I rarely engrave, I score. The scored lights up the same quality so thats good, but is it a concern for a strength and scratch resistance? I use cast because keychains usually have alot of wear and tear


Extruded is definitely more brittle, and more prone to alcohol cracking/crazing. I haven’t noticed much difference in terms of how easily it scratches, but to be fair I haven’t tried to objectively test it either.

I think the bigger issue is your design… I’m not sure that cast vs extruded will matter as much as good design principles to avoid making weak spots near the attach point.

Of course there’s one way to find out: make a test piece and abuse it :slight_smile:


The keychains are generally like this so i think the design would be stable unless someone really reams on them but I’m not really much of a destructive tester.

I’m thinking of just take the stress of challenging the supplier. If I lose that fight, what can be made with 4.5mm extruded acrylic?