Purchased Design File missing

I have searched community and haven’t found any resolution. If I missed it, apologies in advance.

I purchased a multi use design file for coasters. In the description it said you could add additional layers to stack more than four. I was testing with different material and wanted to only print one coaster and ‘rim’ so I deleted the other files. I closed the file assuming that the main file would be saved and I could come back to it later.

I go back to look at the file and I have nothing. Admittedly, I am not fully versed on the GF design tool so it may have been me. I thought I read in an earlier post that once you closed your file, your setting and adjustments would not be saved.

Any advice on how to retrieve the master design file?

In the three-dots menu, if you open the design details, you can “Reset Design” to get it back to before you made any changes.

Here are the instructions from another thread: Nothing transfers from dashboard


Once you close a file in the GFUI (or go back to the dashboard) everything IS saved as you left it. All official GF designs can be reset like @chris1 says.


Thanks for the quick reply. Got it. Great tip!

Thanks @chris1 for the help. I’m going to go ahead and close this ticket. If you have any additional questions, please submit another request.