Purchasing and shipping information

I would like to request that you take a look at your workflow for the Shop portion of the company. I am not the only person who has had issues with material shipments lately. I used to get a confirmation email that my order was placed, then a tracking # email when it shipped. This is not happening any more and it’s damned frustrating. I was finally told that there was a supply issue from the fulfillment vendor for the materials. I understand these things and would have been fine IF I had been told that there was an issue on that end and what the expected ship date might be. As it was, it took many emails, several of your staff members and a lot of deep breathing on my part to get those answers. Another thing I requested through the email chain about my last order was an expedited shipping option. There are times when I am more than willing to pay extra for speed in order to complete a job. Having that option would be a major plus. Thanks.


I’m assuming you confirmed these emails are not getting stuck in your spam folder right? I placed an order on 11/29 and got an immediate confirmation email. Then received a shipment notification email yesterday and it was delivered today.

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I went thru everything before I emailed them for assistance. I got nothing, and the only reason I ever got a tracking number was by sending yet another shouty email.

my guess is that some people are ordering certain materials that are holding up their shipment. @aproptart is not the only person who is having this problem, it’s been widely reported here and on FB over the past few weeks. GF really does need to get their stuff together on the store, especially this time of year which is one of the busiest for makers.


And, as it happens, I placed another order a couple of days ago. I still have no confirmation of that order. I’ve had a lot of conversations with people over the past couple of weeks. There’s a lot of frustration out there that isn’t getting dealt with by anyone.

Yep understand. That sucks that it’s happening as much as it is.

Thank you for taking the time to provide the feedback. Your order was one of a batch we had an issue with and we didn’t ship or communicate about it properly. I’m sorry! We’re resolving the underlying issues and looking into future bigger-picture workflow improvements too. I’ll pass on your request for expedited shipping.

Thanks again for letting us know – we’re listening & working to make our service better!

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