Purchasing multiple machines through a referral

Quick question all - I have a friend that purchased 3 Glowforge Plus’s through my referral link! Which is awesome! However, I’m only seeing credit for one referral in my account. I guess I was expecting to see three credits since three machines were purchased?
Does anyone know if the referral credit is based on how many Glowforges are purchased, or how many people buy a Glowforge?

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I think it’s per person, loosely based on the responses I’ve seen to questions about using our own referral codes to buy subsequent machines.


Thanks for reaching out about this. The referral discount is valid on the first Glowforge purchase for each person. In this case, it would have applied to the first Glowforge, but not any additional Glowforge purchases. I apologize for any confusion.

You can learn more about the program at http://glowforge.com/referral-terms.

I hope this helps - anything else is unclear, you can reach us at support@glowforge.com

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