Purple button again


So I’ve successfully printed the founder’s ruler, the Shoji tealight, and the plaque with original artwork- all the while with a purple button.
It only ever turns teal if I press and hold for 10+ seconds. I’ve logged out of GF app, unplugged, etc, but purple seems to be the go to color.
Do I need to be worried about this?


Well worry never helps but no, this is not normal. You should have a blank button until it is ready to print and then a soft flashing white telling you it is ready. Anything else is a problem.


Hmmm, never seen a softly flashing white button.


This one might be one for Support. I’m not sure what the purple button means now, and I think it might have changed since the one time I saw it happen, so I don’t want to alarm anyone if they have reassigned colors for the lights or anything, and I was never told what caused the light anyway, so it would be a guess at best.

You might want to wait until you hear back from them before running it though. Just to be on the safe side.

Maybe have a picnic. :slightly_smiling_face:


Or finally read and practice the tutorials for Inkscape! : ) A little overdue on that. . .


I’d just keep using it. Apparently it’s working okay or she’d not have been able to do the project’s she’s done. There’s no warning in the manual that a purple button is “danger Will Robinson” territory so maybe it’s as simple as a flawed RGB LED that’s not turning on or turning dimly so white doesn’t show.


Yeah it probably wouldn’t hurt anything, but there was a recent PS thread where I suggested trying another print and it turns out it would have made things harder for support to figure out what was going on if the OP had followed my advice, so now I try to err on the side of caution. :smile:


Green missing I think. In which case the teal would have been blue and amber warnings will be red.


@dan said this in another Support thread:


Yeah, that’s why I think there’s likely a bad LED.


The button has the ability to turn teal - it just only does it if I force it by pressing the button for 10 seconds. Seems unlikely, but could the LED only work part of the time?


I think you might be seeing a different teal than the rest of us see. My guess is that side by side your teal is less green than my teal.

But other than your green LED being broken or miswired, it sounds like everything else is working the way mine does.


If it is an RGB led it is quite hard to make an accurate white across a production spread of LEDs. The eye is very sensitive to slightly off white colours. Projects I have worked on had a fourth white LED if we needed white to be accurate. So could be a just a weak green if the purple is not full on magenta.



@Rita, can you let me know if my unit is still ok to use (even with purple button)? I’m anxious to run some projects but don’t want to do any damage to the machine if something is amiss.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.