Purple button before starting

My GF button flashes purple before it begins to cut. I’ve noticed no difference in cut quality or time. It hasn’t affected the usage at all, but I was wondering if someone could help figure out why its happening before it becomes an actual problem.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community! Wow, I haven’t heard of a purple button in like a year…and most of those ended up being a hardware issue :frowning:

Generally it’ll be an error of some sort. The next time you get one, take a photo of the purple button and post it up here. Staff usually takes about 3 days to respond so if no one else comes up with a suggestion you may just need to be patient

I don’t see why you couldn’t keep Forging in the meantime!

Doing a search on “purple button” you can see a lot of experience with it but apparently if you shut the machine off for a few minutes and then back on it might go away, but keep careful records of the times when it happens , take pictures and note the room temperature and post it back here so support gets the most data to work with.

I had the machine off for about 15 hours and got the purple button again when I sent my first print of the day. It still seems to be cutting and engraving just fine.

Staff usually takes about 3 days to respond, so hopefully tomorrow someone will get a chance to check your logs and get back to you with what the error actually is!

I’ve followed up by email about this and we are going to work on it there. So I am going to close this thread.

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