Purple Button Last night stopped working

I posted last night about the purple button.

Supposedly got an email and my thread was closed.

I didn’t receive an email… I didn’t receive an email from the last glowforge person who said they were emailing me either.
Just a note for the future maybe… don’t close a thread if you haven’t made contact with that person.

Go look in your spam folder, likely their emails are ending up there. Also add @glowforge.com to your whitelist. If it’s not, you might see if your ISP is blocking it, and get them to add it to their whitelist!

Generally they don’t close a thread if they know there is an email issue, but for the majority it isn’t, so to start I think they generally just go for it. :man_shrugging:

That the email they sent on Machine stopped mid print, purple button says they’re looking for account info - it sounds like maybe the email you’re using here, and the email listed on your :glowforge: account are different ones - are you checking both?


Please, I know you’re trying to be helpful but spam is the 1st place I look for all emails not in my inbox.

Secondly, no, I have one email.

You might have better luck contacting them directly through Chat… they man the chat function from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Pacific Time, so if you are available at that time, you can contact them and the responses are more immediate.

(Tomorrow, try clicking on the link down at the bottom of the Support page during that time frame.)

Here’s the link to the page: Direct Glowforge Chat Support Link


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