Purple/green button/bed image refresh/double push button to start

Here goes nothing - Upon turning the Glowforge on today, the [print button flashed purple for a brief second before going blank. After that, everything booted normally. We put the material in and attempted to cut but we had to press the print button twice. It did it’s magic, printed and we pulled the material out. Then while the lid was still open it took an image of my wife and placed that in the bed…We refreshed the bed image and made another cut. When that cut was finished the print button went green. After restarting the Glowforge, computer, router, cleaning everything, checking ribbon connections it does the same things…sometimes not in the same order. the purple light always flashes upon turning it on, then all of the other issues happen. Sometimes it takes pictures before we can get the lid closed. Sometimes the green light comes on. Sometimes the bed image doesn’t refresh. We always have to press the print button twice…help would be greatly appreciated. Were getting orders everyday and can’t afford to be farting around with the machine all day long.

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Based on your description, your Glowforge unit may not be safe to operate. We are researching this situation right now. I know you have orders waiting and that it’s important for you to print, but please don’t use your Glowforge until you hear back from us.

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I have one more idea: As I was reviewing data about your recent prints, it appears that you might have been printing with modifications in place to the case of your Glowforge. Modifications to the case could allow infrared and ultraviolet light, heat, smoke, and fumes to escape, which could be hazardous to people. The Glowforge manual at glowforge.com/manual describes how to operate your Glowforge safely. If you have a modification in place that you can remove or undo, that might resolve the issue.

We’ll be in touch after more investigation!


I’ve established two things at this point. First, you can continue to print to work on your orders. Second, I expect that the button will continue to show purple and that this printer needs to be replaced. I’m going to close this forum post and send you an email to make arrangements for next steps.