Purple light, Constant Calibrating, too cold, no work. Bad news bad investment

Its been 6 days now without a machine, no-one is getting back to me. Quite disappionted. I didnt expect to spend so much money wait 3 years to have this machine break down in such a short time. Im told its a hardware problem and it need to go back, if there is a hardware problem why cant Glowforge send me the particular part to replace? Living in the UK sending back a unit this size with a glass tube seems increadably expensive. If it’s something simple like a switch, fan or sensor… but no-one is answering my emails or getting back to me and a simple Purple light tells me nothing. Im guessing there is a load of problems out there as the response time in answering emails is quite slow. Wonder what happens when a tube needs replacing, guess the whole unit would need to go back, us international users would be realy stuffed. right?

Who told you this?

I’m sure they will respond to you and I’m sorry it’s taking so long and that you are frustrated. Please be patient. If you’ve already opened a support ticket (which posting here did), I’m confident they will be in touch with you.

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I’m so sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

We’ll email you the details tomorrow.

I’m going to close this thread, but I promise you’ll hear from us by the end of the day Monday.