Purple light, not cutting through

Since the maintenance was performed the other night, my machine has been showing a purple light. Sometimes it will go away within a few seconds, other times it stays on. My machine is suddenly cutting terribly and will go through some parts of a design and not others and I’m having to slow it down by like 20-30 points for just 1/8 acrylic and even still some parts will cut and others nothing at all or not even close to going through. I’ve wasted over $75 in material because I’ll run a test cut and then it works well enough so I’ll move onto a larger cut and then again it’s destroyed. The machine is cleaned, all fans cleaned, lenses clean, wifi is on and connected. I don’t know what else the issue could be? I’ve reached out to support but waiting to hear back, was hoping someone may have some advice or experience.

Might want to try doing a reset (hold the button down 10-15 seconds) and set it up again. Purple light is a red-headed stepchild color. I’ve seen various descriptions of what it is over the years from diagnostics mode, to a relic of the past and it means the same as a yellow light, to inability to maintain the wifi signal, and even “it means check the UI to see what’s up.” So I would probably just try a factory reset and go from there.


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