Purple magic button?

I’ve had my Plus since April '20, week two the magic button turned purple. At first I thought it was internet was slow but I had the internet company out and he set it up on it’s own router and expanded our bandwidth. It works perfectly, just want to make sure the purple button isn’t something to worry about. Any ideas?

Is the GF Plus still working as usual?

As far as I know the purple button is about Wifi internet issues. Does it remain purple?

If the machine is otherwise operating correctly, and the button is purple when it should be white (starting a print), then it’s likely an LED or connection behind the button has failed.

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Could you please let me know a bit more about when you see the purple button? If it’s right when you turn on the Glowforge, there is likely a simply explanation: if you hold down the button and flip the power switch at the same time, this puts your unit into a diagnostic state that’s only used in the factory, and the button will turn purple. This state will also prevent the Glowforge from connecting to the internet, so what @rbtdanforth said isn’t entirely untrue. However, the purple button associated with diagnostic state doesn’t indicate any issues with the Glowforge, and it can be resolved by turning the Glowforge off and back on again.

If this is the case, please check for and remove any material or other objects that might be accidentally depressing the button. Then turn the Glowforge off, and back on.

If you’re seeing a purple button while printing, this might be related to another issue, and it shouldn’t affect internet connectivity. If that’s the case, we’ll need to investigate further. could you please let me know the day and time you most recently saw it?

Yes it seems to be fine. It’s really new to me so I don’t know if I’d know any different. I’m just cutting hardboard for earrings so far. I just know it was white in the beginning and now if purple.

It could not be that the buttons are pushed at the same time; there isn’t anything around the top of the glowforge when I power it on. When I turn the glowforge on, the button is not on at all until I send my file to it. At the “magic time” the button is always purple flashing instead of white. I go ahead and push it and my cuts seem fine. Just not sure why the button is purple instead of white like everyone has mentioned.

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I have no idea either, but if the machine is working, that’s a good sign that it’s nothing serious. Support will see this and get you a more definitive answer, though.


Bet it’s a bad LED. They use multiple single color LEDs to illuminate the colors. Sounds like you’re missing one to make white but the red & blue LEDs still work so you get purple.


Thank you for the additional details. I’m glad to hear the cutting and engraving is working just fine! @jamesdhatch is correct that if one of the RGB LEDs is not illuminating correctly, it would lead to a purple button instead of a white one. The good news is, this wouldn’t affect your ability to print. A way to determine whether this is the issue is to put the Glowforge into Wi-Fi setup mode by pressing and holding the button down for about 10 seconds until it lights up. If the LEDs are all working properly, the button will light up with a bright teal color. What do you see when you do this?

Hi Vee, sorry for the delay. It’s been a busy week. After holding button down for 10 seconds, it turns blue not teal.

Thank you for letting us know what happened after you held the button down for 10 seconds. It sounds like your button is functioning correctly, but there is likely an issue with one of the LEDs inside of the button. I’m going to close this thread, and we’ll be in touch very soon via email with some additional information.