Push button love needed

to each their own. i’ve seen enough horror stories with unattended lasers that i’m very picky about what i might walk away from and how long.


I am having a hard time believing that everyone is standing at there machine with IPAD in hand for 3 hours while the engraving takes place, just saying. This is why sitting down at your computer with a Real Camera showing real time of the laser makes more sense, its more realistic.

Those of you who are getting great excersize from the button push is great, but again those of us using are Laser to get jobs done, do not welcome the 300 trips a day to get up and push the button, this is why the thread was started to get some insight as to how to get around the button push , not how to get around the safety of the laser , but to enhance the safety by utilizing a real camera , to watch real time for a REAL 3 hours of watch time.

If you’re doing a 3 hr engrave, the minute or so it takes to push the button seems minimal.

FWIW, if you use the laser cutter at my office and leave it unattended, that can get you at least reprimanded. I’m sure repeat offenses fired.

As I said, to each their own. I choose safety. There have already been at least two unattended fires reported publicly. A camera for some things is probably fine. I carry my laptop upstairs when I run jobs and I hang out and do other work on my laptop while it’s cutting. That’s just me.


Awesome, finally some honesty about real life, so yes carrying the laptop , camera on the laptop is all responsible by me. Thank you.

to be fair, i was saying i carried my laptop TO the glowforge, not away from it. :wink:


At least with my 3D printers, most have thermal runaway protection, so there’s little risk that they’ll heat out of control; although it’s still possible. As you said, I’m much more cautious around the GF; especially given how quickly those small flames can spread.

Whether or not any of us walk away from our machines during a long job, many of us choose not to encourage others to take that risk. If I choose to take that risk, it’s on me. Speaking for myself, if someone were to choose to take that risk because I told them it was fine to do so, I would not want that responsibility. So, many of us advise caution; especially when we don’t know anything about the experience of the people we are interacting with in the forums.


I think that is a given for everyone , that is why we all lie, Wink, or smile, yep i get it,

As many times as the question has been asked, “why is my glowforge making multiple passes?”; and as many files as I’ve looked at that have had cut lines stacked upon cut lines, stacked upon cutlines, I would absolutely never, ever recommend anyone not pay attention to this machine while it’s running.

Too much can go wrong.

Multiple cuts from stacked/duplicated cut lines.

Incorrect settings.

Twist the ribbon cable to the head after you’ve cleaned the lens (it will get caught).

Air assist fan quits functioning (want to see flames fast?)

To be perfectly honest, I don’t understand the final question in the original post. If the button pushing is a major time waster and resulting in a lack of productivity, of all things, you should look at configuring your work space differently.


You do make a good point and so I have been challenged by a good work flow.

Recently I was awarded, umm the Good Catch Badge for noticing that all of are designs are being duplicated on the home page when you scroll back.

Yep that was problem as i was deleting them thinking they were duplicates but were actual files that I needed.

Than you have that I have over 1000 designs to be uploaded and remeasured to perfection using the GFUI which I am now told is garbage for measuring and need to get it the exact size in the AI.

So than you have the fact that I am catching up on orders and laser over a 500 parts a day, that 500 times to get up , stroll, breathe , humm to the machine and back , fun for the first few days only.

Its always perspective : Eventually I will be caught up on importing and making changes , but for now that BOT to hit the button is going to be a breath of fresh air.

I cannot get it soon enough. I will post a video of the bliss soon, But my workflow is changing thanks to the wisdom of the geek nurse in this forum.

Let the record show that despite being (temporarily) crippled, the “geek nurse” still hauls herself up on her crutches and makes the trek to push the button. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just couldn’t get past the math of it: 3-hour engraves X 300 times a day…

If I were doing a 3-hour engrave, I’d also just bring my laptop and get some stuff done. Ironically, given the snark about exercise, the GF is right next to the treadmill, so I’ve also been known to hop on for a few minutes while I wait if it’s too short of a time frame to do other things. I can peer over and see the laser from up there.

But to each their own, I don’t care if people watch their lasers or not.

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300 to 500 cuts , Engrave was for example based on my MacBook engrave

I was teasing.

I do actually stay by the laser, although I will walk away for a minute or two. It’s in my house, so I’m especially paranoid about it. But I think if you can clearly see on a camera, that’s a smart solution for your needs. :slight_smile: Good luck with your push button.

That’s rather impressive, 500 button presses means at least 8 hours in the “Scanning/Preparing Artwork” stage. Assuming just a 1 minute job run time that’s another 8 hours cutting. Then the time in loading materials and other ancillary tasks. Do you even sleep? :smiley:


There are so many People I want to thank for this , The Microbot suggestion dude, the geek nurse for healing all my wounds and of course my parents who made me a bit lasy. lolll jOking

SPECIAL THANKS TO :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: BEWENTE BMW

This took all of ten minutes but should have been ten seconds.

So let me make the situation even better for you. Before you do anything , your going to need to turn the Unit ON. !!!

They fail to tell you this in any of the instructions. lol

After that download the app and hit continue to the Plus Sign appears , Iphone finds it fast.

Here is some of the action : Digress the 9 minutes spent figuring it out that it needed to be turned on, you will need a microscope to see the switch, I am not kidding.

Got the voice working but , its just a slow down waiting for alexa to talk to micobot and tell it what to do Press Pull, Push . A desktop button would have been the way to go.


What kind of satanic magic is that. ? WT H how

I have to say ALEXA , tell Microbot to Press the Glowbug. UGH how about showing me how to do that with my mac.

Ok, no time for coding , I am thrilled with the Microbot.

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