Puzzle and maps together in one ambiguous package

Quite a thing.

If you don’t read kottke daily (or more) I’d highly recommend it.


i don’t know about being able to make one people can put together multiple ways (too hard for me to figure that out), but i do like the idea of making one that doesn’t have standard rectangular shape. will have to keep that in the back of my head for future use.


Small world moment… I noticed that they’re in Somerville, MA, which isn’t far from me, so I went on over to their website to see what’s what. The name struck me as familiar and now I know why. A few weeks ago I mentioned a reuse shop in Somerville. While I was there, I stumbled across a bin of lasered wood scrap from that company in an interestingly shaped cutout (which, of course, caused me to look them up…).

Anyway, the puzzles are pretty cool.


This part doesn’t seem too hard…

Take a tiled pattern image, and overlay your puzzle pieces on one tile image, (the center one in a 3x3 array) but make it so your top row of pieces lock neatly into the bottom, and left column into the right column, and now you can assemble the pieces in any order you like, it’ll have no edge.


Nervous System puzzles have appeared here irregularly over the years. They do cools stuff. Here are some examples:


“KEEP ON MAKING STUFF IN THIS TIME OF RAMPANT ASSHOLERY” (caps are theirs) is a concept I can get behind. Leaving the world with artifacts of your existence is a form of immortality, and a shiny object in a desert of mass produced dross.


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