Puzzle mania


I’ve been playing with various puzzles, thanks to inspiration from tsmaster, and then following youtube vlogger “Mr Puzzle”

Here’s the video of this particular design: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QutWBLjbwQI

I drew the paths by hand, it’s not as symmetrical as it should be, but still a challenge to reassemble!


Nice! Looks Aztec. :grinning:


Sorry - yes, that’s the name of this design - Aztec puzzle…


Ooooo, I really like this one! You could fill the voids with colored resin for a different variation.


Very cool puzzle.


Looks Challenging!


wonderful puzzle


I’m not really into puzzles, but this one is very cool! It looks great and looks like it’d be fun to figure out.


This is one heck of a puzzle, symmetrical or otherwise!