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I have seen the puzzle icon in the options when I have added a shape. What I could not find is can I put say an hardboard with a picture already on it, and make glowforge cut into a puzzle? I put the board in my tray and it says no artwork. I have been learning but decided to make this last minute and so I thought I would ask here. Thanks

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If I understand you correctly, you’re just putting a board into the crumbtray with no cut file?

If that is the case and you just want to cut that board into a puzzle, you’ll have to make the outline shape of what you want for your puzzle, for example, a rectangle with rounded corners.

Then choose that object to make your puzzle. Make sure that you set focus on the material or create a jig to line up your material as best you can with your shape. You should create it slightly smaller so that you’ll have wiggle room for mistakes and not cutting the edges of the materials.


Definitely make a bleed area! No matter how accurate any of these systems are, that’s always a best practice.


I thought that’s what it’s called! I was going to say bleed, but then I was thinking ink.


Ok thanks a lot. I did finally figure out the shape part about the same time I saw this lol I just got impatient But you at least verified what I figured out so I am on the right track.

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