Puzzle Pattern

Didn’t there used to be a puzzle svg in the catalog here?

I know I made one but I can’t remember where I got it???

There was, but I don’t see it anymore either.

Try one of these:

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Are you talking about the free one that’s in your “Design Library” (the home page for the UI app)?


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There is always…

Doesn’t appear to be a “standard feature” in the current version of Gimp (2.10)

or just generate your own customized to actual size and how big you want the pieces to be.



Ah… I was looking everywhere for “Puzzle”. Thx.

I have had a lot of fun with the link above and this project.

I have found I have the best luck with cutting 6x now. Usually do 20 or 16 piece puzzles so they end up being sturdy.

I was…I looked for it there but somehow missed it.
I found another one.

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