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I’m not sure if is the right place to ask this question. What is a good setting for a puzzle on dratboard? I keep burning it and i don’t have much left for trial and error. so if someone could point me in the right direction. It’s for my step daughters birthday.

Are the PG settings not working for you? Post your settings and some photos, so we can see what’s going on!

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speed 125
power 80
passes 1
height .209

Why are you not using proofgrade settings?

because they were both burning and not going all the way through.

Should I retry?

Can you send a photo of the results you are talking about? Have you tried cutting the “gift of good measure” recently out of the same material?

It almost sounds like your focus lens is in upside down or something like that.

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It matters a lot that everything be working properly. If you see the smoke catch fire that place will not cut as deep as otherwise. That means the fan and exhaust are not moving the smoke out of the way fast enough, If the focus is not tight that too will make a big difference. The slightest film on any surface will mess up that focus even more than blocking it, of course to make sure the main lens is “cup-side-up” is more important than all that.

I have started to see the inconsistency and found a level of film on the window on the side of the head I could barely see was there, but carefully cleaned, and it went back to very good cuts.

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The best settings for cutting Proofgrade materials are the proofgrade settings. It looks like you’re using “thick” draftboard, the settings you have won’t come close to cutting through. Default settings will cut thick draftboard cleanly, although you will still get charred edges - that’s the nature of using a laser to cut wood. Puzzles are usually cut from much thinner material, which typically results in less charring.

As stated, it sounds like your lens might be in upside down. Suggest you use the spare provided “medium” draftboard and the Gift of Good Measure to figure out where your issue is. I would clean all of the optics first.

All good input. Thank you to everyone who helped me. So I only had one piece of light colored draftboard left. but I bought a bunch of dark stuff for other projects. I put all settings back to normal and it came out better than I would have ever expected. One thing I did have to do is lower the number of pieces. So thank you.

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