Q-Tip Tub

So now you’re going to make a ‘spare lid’ holder ?


Oooh a spare lid holder holder… now there’s an idea…


With or without lid ?


Chuckle! Believe it or not, there’s one built into the box. :smile: There’s a ring added to the bottom that lets the box sit comfortably and securely on the lid when it’s not in use.

(I should mention - it kind of ruins the effectiveness of that if you glue a decorative gear to the top of the lid.)


Hi, total newbie. I love this file, is it available? If so, how do I download it? Thank you.

Hello and welcome to the forum! It goes against forum guidelines to ask for files or designs. Many members will post the ones they wish to give for free in the Free Laser Design section. You might want to take a look there to see what’s offered. Happy forging!

I might offer it for sale one day on the Catalog if they ever get around to setting it up for amateurs, so keep an eye out there. :slightly_smiling_face: