Q: Was this done on a Pro Model? <A: No>


Anyone else think @Tony’s honeycomb cutout look like it might be bigger than 20x12?

Let the discussion begin…


This could actually be within the measurements. You can take a smaller item and get close with your camera and it will look bigger.


There’s so many things I could say…biting my lip, biting my lip, biting my lip…


I’m betting 90% of your unsaid comments have to do with Anthony Weiner…

I’m thinking the desk top is 1" … so there is some scale to go by.


Where is this from?

EDIT: Never mind, it just showed up.


Curious as well. I asked on the post. :slight_smile:


@Tony has now posted more pics on his new thread. I got this pic from Twitter and Instagram… (Yes I’m a mild and harmless Glowforge stalker)… Continue discussion over there…


Sorry, which topic is this?


Awe man…


I swear, after all the waiting to see the pass-through in action, the first thing I’m doing when I get my pro is lasering the full length of an 8+ foot plank.


As long as that plank is no more than 1/4" thick (the maximum thickness for the pass-through slot)


… oh, right… dang.

It would just be ridiculous to rip a plank down to a 1/4" thickness for no purpose other than to scratch a lasering itch… right?


I might not go as far as “ridiculous”. As soon as I read that, I pictured a laser engraved fireplace mantel engraved onto 1/4" stock laminated onto something thicker.


oh absolutely, there are plenty of uses for it. I just don’t actually need to do it.

But I’m gonna do it, anyway.

ETA: Great, now I want to make a mantelpiece. It’d be neat to do something like this, but with 1/4" wooden planks.


mmm… only ridiculous if you don’t have a table saw


I don’t (I should really fix that) but I can totally rip planks on the ol’ radial arm saw. I’ve never actually tried to do something that thin, though.


You rip planks with a radial arm saw? You are a daredevil sir. Just had to rip a walnut board yesterday for some drawer fronts (on the table saw) and ended up with a nice piece of leftover veneer… yes I kept it for the Glowforge.


I like to live dangerously… or negligently, I suppose. I don’t do much woodworking (which is probably obvious by my lack of a basic woodworking tool like a table saw) so I very rarely need to rip anything. The only time I’ve done it recently is when we were adding some under-deck waterproofing and needed to turn 30 feet of 2x4s into 60 feet of 2x2s.


eeps! To each their own, but that sounds scary to me…

you can get a used table saw for real cheap on craigslist, but they are bulky and require space to use and store.
If you have a hand-held circular saw you might be able to make a jig for long thin rips. I have a Kreg jig for my cordless that might be inspiration to start with. Mine is “not recommended” for widths under 1".

You could also build a table-saw using a hand-held circular saw:




I’ve had building one on my project list for a while, but it’s a very long list and I am not moving through it very quickly.