QOTD from Glowforge: First week with your Glowforge-- What does it look like?

Where will it live: In my shop next to my CNC and 3D printer.
Who will use it: Local middle and High School Students and myself
What will get made the first week: At our maker space we have quite a few ideas from the students but the first project will most likely be name tags for each of the students.

Where it will live: at home in my small guest room (bye bye chest of drawers/mirror. Right next to a window, custom table coming soon me thinks).

Who will use it: Me, but I will “force” my other half and family/friends to have a go drawing something. They don’t approve of the purchase yet!(how naive they are).

What will get made the first week: I have about 50 designs knocking around my head(each one completely different and different techniques), probably by the time it arrives I will have them all down on digital paper so it will “just” be a matter of printing them. In the first week I expect it will be all things for me and my house. So a full set settlers of catan board with all expansions(huge fan), and a box or chest to store it - I like the idea of felting them! A few more obscure board games. Lamp shades for the house(one like the globe and more than one that are thin diffusing plastic in fancy interlocking pasterns). Puzzles, some signage I expect, maybe a dolls house. I am going to have a busy week.

Where it will live: My room/office where my computer is (2nd floor) or basement shop near saws and such.

Who will use it: Me, myself, and I. …And maybe my business partner (photography).

What will get made the first week: Lots of tests, simple boxes, joints and such. Then some serious projects. Clocks, wallets, notebooks, etc etc. My Pinterest board speaks for the ideas I have.

Where will it live: In our basement beside my wife’s craft table
Who will use it: My wife and I, and our adult daughters
What will get made the first week: Besides some material profiling, likely a 123D Make object or two using some of the cardboard we have been hoarding. Oh, and maybe a warning sign too (we are getting the pro).

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Where it will live: This depends absolutely on how well the filter works, as my commercial space does not have any windows that open. Hopefully it will live in the main central workspace at my sign shop. As the filter may well not arrive for some time, the 'Forge may have to live in the warehouse area for a while so I can run temp vent lines out the roll up door. Worst case, if the filter is not up to par, it will live in the warehouse permanently, and I will have to get the building manager to approve a new hole in the roof for a dedicated vent.
Who will use it: Myself and eventually a few select artist friends will be invited to play.
What will get made the first week: Tests, and than… Acrylic Laser Warning signs, wooden business cards & card holder, wooden restroom sign, names burned into company work shirts, etched digital line-art… I have a feeling a lot of coffee will be made that first week, but not in the 'Forge :sleeping: :coffee: :grinning:

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Where it will live: In my home office / workshop

Who will use it: My wife and I

What will get made the first week: leather book cover, case for a raspberry pi 2 and some art for the office wall!

It will be living in our garage/shed (only place we can fit it with enough ventilation)

Both my wife and I have projects in mind already, quivers and belts for archery stuff, prototype watch bands, desk organisers, laser marquetry boxes… So many things to make!


Where it will live: In my in the house part of my micro maker space. Have the rack cleared off, hope to have the dryer duct in before it gets here.

Who will use it: Myself, I am the nerd in a technophobic family. Perhaps I can get my school teacher daughter to use it on her own at some point.

What will get made the first week: Just no telling. If it is like my Handibot and my 3d printer it will run a lot the first month and then tapper a bit as it takes longer to design stuff I want than to fabricate.

Where it will live: Probably at the back of the shop we are currently looking to open

Who will use it: I will as well as my other employees. However there has been so much excitement among my friends that I suspect a will have lines of people that would like to use it.

What will get made the first week: Sooooooo many ideas. I literally have no idea where to start. However I suspect that it will be made of cardboard just so that I can practice and get used to the software.

Where it will live: In a room at the back of the house on top of a unique table/bench that used to be part of an aquaponics setup.

Who will use it: me.

What will get made the first week: Nothing practical. I figure it will take a month or two of work to figure out the design software -> glowforge software -> materials (woods and leathers primarily) chain to my satisfaction. Not that I don’t have designs planned and some started, but this is a fairly large transfer to production task.

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Where it will live: In my study/craft room (or “The Factory” as my partner calls it) sitting on the worktop next to my 3d printer or possibly on a large shelf/drawer unit - that reminds me, I must check the dimensions…

Who will use it: Me predominantly, but I’m sure once my partner gets an idea of the possibilities we will both be using it!
What will get made the first week: Soooo many ideas! I want to use it for creating wooden Automata, doll furniture, three or four ideas for various games, RPG scenery… In practical terms the first week will probably be just playing around and seeing what I need to do to create various effects etc. I will probably be making scrap. Lots and lots of scrap… :smile:

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Lots of holsters and leather projects- hope to be able to save my designs and " print out " and custom etch them as needed" I am currently working out of what was the kitchen and room is an issue- I am concerned about ventilation as I really have no good place to put it - I did purchase the filter and I plan on only using organic materials. I have read that leather smells and the edges get brittle- I plan on. Burnishing and finishing edges. Veg tan is the only true safe leather to use … but that is all I work with anyway. Usually in a 6 to 7 ounce weight. If anyone else is familiar I would love to here how laser cutting leather has worked for you.

Glad to see someone else who is well versed in creating scrap. The question then is, what can we make from that?


Where will it live: Where our existing DIY Laser is located.
Who will use it: My Husband & I
What will get made the first week: Test / Calibration parts to test between the GF and our other CNC machines. Then engraving tests on materials we already use on the other machines.

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Where it will live: In my basement office/music and project room. Lots of natural lighting for a basement with a window for ventilation. I expect I’ll bring it in for work fairly soon to let staff have a go on it. If I had it by Christmas (not really expecting), I’ll let my family print their own Christmas presents.

Who will use it: Primarily me, but will make it available for projects for the parish education program on Wednesday nights.

What will get made the first week: I am really hoping that there is at least one sample material and project included, even if it is a design printed on the packaging. If not, I have done some preliminary work on a mission style tea light. I have no idea if it will work. Part of it will depend on the relief cutting possible. Procuring some thin walnut to try out on. Went to the local big hardware stores to price out birch and oak faced plywood for some other boxes.


Where it will live: In my home office.

Who will use it: Me, myself & I :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smile:…initially, I am sure my wife & sons will want to get involved.

What will get made in the first week: Arrghhh…I have too many ideas bouncing around at the minute, leather work will definitely be involved. Star Wars themed items. I have downloaded some software to try out, practice & get proficient before my 'forge arrives.

Where it will live: It will live in my home office right next to a window

Who will use it: My wife and I but my kids are artists in a major way so i am sure some of their things will be made as well.

What will get made the first week: I have a weird fascination with leather bags and accessories… no telling what will be made but i know that is going to happen… from there it will be my Mack Book pro with dragons my I pad more dragons and who knows…

Where will it live? It will live in my craft room.
Who will use it? My husband and I. Occasionally step daughter who is fashion and art designer.
What first week looks like: No telling. Have pages and pages of ideas.

Where it will live: My garage with my heat press and vinyl plotter

Who will use it: me and hubby will no doubt be fighting over it

What will get made: Have you seen my pinterest? LASER ALL THE THINGS! haha. but first…probably some acrylic jewelry pieces for my jewelry making sister in law and I have no doubt the 4 ipads in the house will get some customizing as guinea pigs. I also have flourescent light banks in my bathrooms that i had wanted to fill in the recess and hang a regular light but now I think i will laser carve some custom light diffusers for below the flourescent banks instead. They are already replaced with daylight led bulbs instead of yellow old fashioned flourescent ones.

Where it will live: at home in my spare room vented out the window. maybe i will but a little blast gate for the venting system… hmmm

Who will use it: i Bought it with my friend and we are both students so a whole class of theater design students!

What will get made the first week: besides the blast gate to it will fit my window, i was certainly thinking of testing its limits and making a cheat sheet of speeds and powers. so i will have many multi material projects.

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