QOTD from Glowforge: Will you accept our 24 Hour Glowforge Challenge?

Hey all!

Today, I’m hoping you’ll accept my 24 Hour Glowforge Challenge. For 24 hours, I’d love for you to go through your day with Glowforge on the brain and write down all of the things in your life where you could use a Glowforge, or things made from a Glowforge. For example:

  • Look around your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, desk, even backpack or purse… what items could be made with a Glowforge (both those you have - or those you wish you had)? Which of the items might you want to personalize with an engraving or design?
  • Keep tabs on items you use most often - how could they be enhanced or make your life easier? Could a Glowforge help?
  • Do you have any events coming up? What do you need for those?

Then, after you’ve given it 24 hours, share your complete list here, and share the five(5) you’re most excited about in this topic. A bunch of Glowforge employees will be taking the challenge too!


Started, see you back here tomorrow night.

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This comes in a couples of months too late for me. Before the announced delay I was hoarding projects en had lasers on the mind every free hour of the day. Everything had a laser solution. But that has since faded and I hope it will pick up again come december.


Just adding mine here to remind myself when the clock started.


Interesting. Just used my laser this afternoon. And have a dozen projects planned around the house with a laser. So I could already fill a list with more than an item per hour.

Will give myself another 24 hours to add to that and hopefully remember to return.

(I came to the thread hoping it would be a challenge like “use a Glowforge for 24 hours”. I like that challenge :p)


Please dont ask me to do this or I’ll end up single :sweat_smile:, my girlfriend already tease me that I always see something and say “I could do this with my Glowforge” everywhere I go and Im talking everywhere! :laughing:Malls, Restaurants in the street or even in the house after going to the bathroom :sweat_smile:


Just submitted my list. It’s only been 23 hours but I’ll be tied up on a project the rest of the afternoon.

Like @darkdesign said, 9 months ago these ideas were flowing constantly. I kept Evernote open to write them down as I thought about them. The ideas flowed a little slower today.

For this 24 hour challenge, the top five ideas I came up with that I’m most excited about are:

  1. Some marketable products I’d rather not disclose.
  2. A leather cover for the notepad I always keep in my shirt pocket.
  3. A rubber stamp with my logo & address and another with just my logo to stamp on packaging, etc.
  4. Point Of Purchase displays for my decals and postcards sold at local stores.
  5. Christmas ornaments in the shape of local historic buildings to sell as a fundraiser for the Lions Club.

I would have:

  • done the laptop-storage project for the 11-year-old’s classroom rather differently.
  • Tested a bunch of competing designs for cardboard-framed mobile robots
  • let the 8-year-old go wild designing yet another playmobil city
  • built a tablet stand to replace the lousy 3D-printed one
  • finally started the shoe rack in the back hall
  • mocked up some prototypes for some led stuff I’m working on
  • tried making a glider

These have been on my mind for the past few days:

  • 5C collet rack
  • CNC mill tool holder rack
  • tool cutouts in foam for storage cabinets
  • storage boxes for measuring instruments
  • Codex Silenda puzzle book (from KS plans set)

acrylic signs that light up for gifts
sisters artwork printed onto wood for hanging
cat stairs for the one who has bad hips now - yeah I love my cats
doing the leather patches to get that job locked up for next season’s rodeo to pay off the forge
making “cheap” stuff from garage sales etc look cool and pricey



Taking advantage of the draft saving on the forum to compile my list here.

  • Just made some plaques to give to speakers at a conference on campus. Would have used Glowforge instead of my laser
  • Wooden puzzle as present for keynote speaker at said conference
  • Need to engrave my name and contact information on my iPad case so I get it back next time I leave the thing in an airplane.
  • Want to make a closet organizer for the kids’ playroom
  • Want to make drawer dividers to organize our bathroom drawer
  • Kid furniture
  • Outdoor building planks, like the KEVA planks or ImagiPlanks
  • Labels for lab tables so students know which one they are assigned to each week
  • Custom mini-cabinets for organizing materials at lab tables
  • Custom cut foam to indicate “A place for every tool” in large demo room, maybe professors can finally put things away properly…
  • Footrest for at my desk
  • Enclosure for my other laser, which at this point still has none
  • Tool hanger/organizer station
  • Custom cutting board inserts which will fit snuggly in the sink of our camper trailer to provide counter space when sink not needed
  • Door stops
  • Ramp/inclined plane for a physics lab where we roll marbles from various heights to have consistent velocity and direction launching projectiles off the table
  • Edge Lit acrylic signage for identification of various zones in workshop
  • Edge Lit acrylic signage for inter-school communication system (bus has arrived, gym available for use, etc)
  • Back to School teacher gifts
  • Chore charts for my boys
  • Dishes clean/dirty signage for dishwasher
  • Zoetrope
  • Haloween Costume (and general Cosplay)
  • Computer monitor covers (have an all-in-one that I leave on all night as security camera. But want lights from desktop to not illuminate the room)
  • Drone body
  • New frames for family photos
  • Remote control holder

What excites me most?

  • to reawaken my dormant artistic self exploring techniques and materials new to me with laser precision!
  • Custom event/holiday oriented laser cut greeting cards in my own hand drawn artwork!
  • tool racks/storage solutions for kitchen/shop/garage.
  • Custom Christmas/birthday gifts.
  • since it has always been fiction in my life, simply owning a frickin laser!

I got in the survey and just went nuts. Can’t remember what I picked as my top 5 so here is some of the first hours of the 24 that got jotted down.

• Key holder
• Journal cover
• Knife pouch
• Headphone stand
• Tool storage
• ID card holder
• Light switch cover
• Tools
• Wallet
• Knife sheath
• Knife scales
• Art on my knife sharpeners
• Art on most anything
• Nice storage boxes
• Measuring tools using acrylic

Toilet paper roll garage to sit on top of tank.
Medicine pill holder.
Toothpaste squeezer
Salt cellar
Cutting board engraving
Tableware organizer trays
Key holder
Key fob
IPhone holder for mini tripod
IPad stand
Desk drawer organizer trays
Chalice case
Book stand
Book ends
Personalized picture frame
Tissue box
Ok this got me to noon. Will edit after the rest of the day.


I filled out the survey but want to edit it so I’ll do it here… Instead of just an iPhone holder for my desk at work I’d like to do a full personalized matching executive desk set made out of multiple materials that says I have a laser and know how to use it. Laptop and monitor stands, leather mousepad, and an iPhone, post it and pen holder.


organizers, lights, storage boxes, decorative items, bas relief sculpting

Those are the broad categories - I’ve got a wad of ideas lined up for each.

How feasible they are going to be to implement remains to be seen, but I’ve started designing a few to have on hand.

(Wonder how hard it would be to knock out a few canopic jars?) Chuckle! :slight_smile:


I’m so inspired by all of the replies above!

Hey all - I’m Marlo - and I recently joined Glowforge on Tony’s team. I just took the challenge and my top five are:

  • Frames (of all shapes and sizes!)- making a wall of family photos at home
  • Welcome signs (likely based off the seasons) to hang on the inside of our glass front door
  • An art piece for my friend who just had a baby based off a trace of her son’s hand and foot
  • A thin leather pouch for my Kindle
  • Organizers galore - starting with a box that fits perfectly under the chair near the door for shoes!

Hello new staff!


Frames could be interesting. I do a lot of printing and framing and have thought about this. I think the possibilities for a custom framer would be awesome in cutting out (for details or “flair” - not images) or engraving mat board. You guys figure out a 45 degree cut and we have an awesome mat cutter as well! :wink:


Word of advice: don’t use the elevator if @dan is using it. :wink: