QOTD: Your Creative Resolutions

Bailey here, marketing/web project management/support here at Glowforge. I love New Years Resolutions (and sometimes I even keep them!) and this year one of mine is to spend more time being creative/artistic.

For me (aside from all the Glowforge projects that 2016 is bound to hold), this will mean getting back into painting, re-learning to knit, taking a few art classes (mosaic is one I’ve had my eye on), and learning the ukulele.

So…in keeping with the Glowforge-theme we having going here on the forum, what are your creative resolutions for this year?


Use all the tools I have (including the GF) to start upping my game at the craft shows to help cover the cost of a Tormach 440.


Plan to create more things that I am proud of rather than things that just solve a problem.


Maybe start working with leather. Looks like a lot of fun.


Finish my X-carve and get my BigBox3D up and running and start printing and milling things in preparation for the glowforge arrival.

First real project will be a 2.5D oceanographic map as a gift


I am going to finish this Matthias Wandel 16"
Bandsaw so I can prep wood for the GF. 1st layer glued.


I am going to challenge myself to make both functional and artistic objects with the Glowforge. And attempt to bring out as much creativity in the children at the school I work at in my new board games design club. And if the forge doesn’t take up all my time finish making one of my ongoing video game projects in the summer.

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I’m going to find a creative way to get the Gloforge Pro to completely pay for itself in 2016.


I have all the parts I need to finish my vacuformer, so that will be getting done pretty soon.

Then I am going to make a fresh bust cast of myself so I can start work on modeling my zer0 helmet.

After that I will be doing the body pieces which are made of leather and vacuformed plastic.

I also hope to get the rights to a pattern so that I can start selling custom printed carpets this year. I have to get to work on that one.

Lot of big plans!

Oh yeah, and hopefully a LOT of glowforge use!


Planning to design my own versions of our favorite board games this year, for one thing. Starting with Catan, I think.

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looks like youre not the only one! ha.

im gonna have to look this up. I could use a bandsaw in the foreseeable future


Very cool. What about a version of Clue that takes place in a dollhouse version of the “Body Mansion”? :slight_smile:


Make more things… Doesn’t really matter what. As long as I make them!

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1st priority is getting this lathe setup and running in our basement. 2nd priority will be the GF.


Great question!

Resolution 1: Get Glowforge to pay for itself in 2016.
Resolution 2: Take the Iowa Writers Workshop free online class on fiction writing.
Resolution 3: Develop some real skillz in leather embossing and really up my overall design and sewing quality in leather.
Resolution 4: Improve my drawing skills by carrying a sketchbook and making at least 10 drawings a week.
Resolution 5: Help the authors I work with publish more and more quickly.

  1. Do more beading, jewelry making, stained glass, mosaic and papercrafting using my own designs instead of following other people’s patterns.
  2. Learn Inkscape, Sketchup, 123d Make, and any other software that will help me when the GF comes in. That should keep me busy until October!

Mostly work on learning Sketchup and hopefully also Fusion 360. I also would like to learn enough in this next year that I might be able to make some things to sell and perhaps even offer some limited services to others in my small community. It would be a dream come true if I could make things to sell that would eventually pay for my original investment in the Glowforge. I have a lotta learnin’ to do first, though!


I really like the “Laser Thursday” idea you guys have already implemented… Thinking we may have something like that around my house. Granted, I’ll already be using the Glowforge every waking moment I get, but making a point to intentionally create something just for the fun of it in the midst of all the other job/family stuff is something I need to be better about.

Also digging into hand-lettering/calligraphy/chalk art this year (which will make for some sweet laser projects with the Glowforge too).



My creative resolution for 2016 is to fail more often in my creative/building/making endeavors.

I figure if I am failing more often that means I am pushing myself beyond what I might normally try. Failing more often means that in certain situations I am more interested in learning and expanding my skill set than I am in producing a polished finished product/project.

I have the tendency of always wanting to produce the best possible “product” that I am capable of. It is becoming increasingly clear to me that sometimes “good” is good enough. Sometimes I think “if I can’t do it the right way, then I will put it off until I can” and that logic has caused me to miss out on a lot of things.

So, here is to failing more while falling forward in 2016.

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Right there with ya, Spike! Never gave working with leather a single thought before, but with a glowforge on it’s way I see a lot of leather designs in my future!