QR codes on maple veneer business cards

I was able to add a QR code to my Instagram on my maple veneer business cards I have for my Glowforge hobby.

Used the thin maple veneer settings on a 1 inch code.

The outside line was a test that didn’t work due to wood warping :slight_smile:


:sparkling_heart: the little penguin face


Great! Sorry you had trouble with warping of material.

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Hi Scott. Did you need to do any special formatting with the GR code to make it usable? Or did you just turn it into an svg and it worked straight out of the gate?


The only thing I had to do was invert the black and white image. I used PNG with a transparent background, then added to the Illustrator and exported as a PDF with the rest of the card.

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I’m glad you see it as a penguin as well. I gave one to a friend and she thought it was an star wars rebel alliance logo that was rotated 180…


I see the penguin as well, but to be fair it is pretty close to an upside-down rebel alliance logo.


Thank you! Worked perfectly. :smile:

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LOL! Well now I see the rebel logo!

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Np, did you do a business card?

Not yet but I will be making them. I’m thinking of making a code for the house too for when the kids bring guest over.
Right now I’m fulfilling an order for someone who uses the code to direct folks to their music video.