Quarantine boredom

Designed and built a fishing rod holder.

image image

Well… that took 45 minutes. Two weeks left… sigh

(And in the event you want the file, pm me and I’ll post it. It’s not perfect by any means but I didn’t have to recut anything. Made for .2” thick wood.


While not a fisherman, I love what you did. Practical builds rule!


Well i am a fisherman… Well done…

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This is a great practical design! Kudos to you!

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Yeah, not a bad start! :wink:
(Kidding…it looks great. Hubs had to build his with two by fours. He hung it over the cars and the weight of the rods broke one of the beams above and dinged MY car!)

One of those things he’s never going to live down. :smile:


Looks great! I had planned to work one up for my husband, but our daughter-in-law found a great stand for Christmas last year.

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