Quarto game -tiny travel version

I have been collecting these Velamints gum boxes for the past couple years because they are just begging to be made into something super cool. I finally found a use for one of them.

Here is my tiny travel version of one of my favorite 2 person strategy games called Quarto. It’s a fun game- check it out!


Did you mean to include a picture?


So tiny we can’t even see it…


You’re going to have to post the pic…we’re all in suspense and I know they are not ‘that’ tiny :rofl:

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Great recycling!!! I love it!

I think those tins make the perfect tiny game holder!

This is a great idea, I love this game as well (and the full size one is very, very nicely made).

Brilliant idea for the spacer! Aesthetically pleasing and functional.

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Love it! I assume the game pieces have magnets under them.

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