Quentin Coldwater

He’s actually not in his final box (I just popped him in my Dalek the Halls box because I am waiting on LED connectors) but here is Quentin Coldwater and his smoke crown from The Magicians. It’s one of my favourite TV shows/book series and after the last season finale…well, I just had to make something.

It’s 4 layers, all cut from 65 lb. cardstock. I will be making a box similar to the one here out of 1/8 inch birch plywood.

I love these layered paper light boxes and hope to do some more experimenting soon.


As always, great design! :slight_smile:


Alice and Plum will miss him.

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Wow! I’m not familiar with the reference but it looks like an amazing piece. It would be nice to see it from different angles—I’m having a hard time visualizing how it’s put together.

Edit: nevermind—I just saw your other amazing piece and it makes all clear.


It’s a really fun hobby :slight_smile:

Cool design!


Very cool!

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