Question about a project

I did search, and I saw many things about anodized aluminum.

This is different than all the stuff I found so far. This item is 0.80" high. All I’m trying to do is see if I can engrave on it. A serial number, nothing fancy. I have tried all the various settings, but I didn’t see anything for something like this. I saw mostly macbooks and business cards. When I have tried to do it, it goes through the motions, but I don’t see a beam and there’s definitely nothing happening. I got worried and ran gift of good measure, and laser checks out fine. Went back to this item, and no engraving. I also tried on score. I tried about six different sets of settings, so I don’t actually remember what they all are. Please advise.

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I am assuming that you have removed the honeycomb tray and put something underneath this item to elevate the surface to be engraved so that it is between 1.5" and 2" from the bottom of the Glowforge. You will need to use the set focus tool and make sure that the beam fall directly on the item.

Settings for anodized aluminum are quite forgiving and can only be discussed in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum. If you search the forum, you will find many suggestions, and almost all of them will work or be a good starting point.

Finally, how did you design the file to be engraved? Is there any chance that you have two files stacked on top of one another? If so, the Glowforge will go through the motions of engraving but not actually fire.

Since you say your Glowforge worked properly on the Gift of Good Measure, I think your problem is not one for Support to address, so I will move this post out of Problems and Support.


I did remove the crumb tray. I didn’t move the item up higher. I will try that. It wasn’t actually a file. It was just “add text” through the GF interface.

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Thank you! You were right. Just needed to raise it up a little higher. I got it done. :slight_smile: