Question about cancelling - credit card no longer exists



I think I have an easy one here. Not set on cancelling yet, but getting there.

I made my purchase with a credit card issued by my financial institution. Since then the card has been cancelled and a new one (new number etc) provided. If I go through the cancellation process, is there a place to input information about where you want the money refunded? (just in case the payment method no longer exists?)




@jweaver835, I think you’ll be best helped by e-mailing rather than asking here in the public forums.

Best of luck to you!

  • Tom


Hopefully you don’t cancel. But if you do, you shouldn’t have an issue. There was a thread about a similar situation awhile back. They canceled without too much issue.


From what I’ve seen they ask if you still have the same account you paid with. Saw this on the glowforge reddit:


@Rita will take good care of you when you e-mail


I don’t know the details, but Rita’s team has a whole set of processes for making sure cancellations are processed immediately, even if credit/bank details have changed. If you decide to cancel, will walk you through.