Question about coasters vs drinks

What is the best sealant for coasters? I’ve been reading that shellac will scratch and come off if it gets wet. I want to make something durable, so the wood will hold up.

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Durable would be something like Marine varnish. Should last a lifetime.


I use triple thick polyurethane. Takes time to fully cure so if you’re selling them you need to find a way to keep them from sticking together.


Feed n wax has been just fine on some engraved baltic coasters I made. Heavy rotation, they show no signs of wear over a year in.


if you’re using solid wood take it and submerge it in mineral oil for 24 hours and then wipe it off and let it dry on triangles for 2-3 days. The mineral oil penetrates in and cures. I learned that from a guy who only does super high end cutting boards. He treats his coasters the same way.


Just drink faster!


Wow, that’s awesome. Thank you!


Just got introduced to Odie’s Oil ( yesterday for coasters and it is stupidly easy to put on. Same concept as the mineral oil and wax. Wipe on a tiny amount, buff, and let dry. We were using a polisher/buffer, but it took less than 5 minutes to do 4 coasters.


Wow that sounds awesome. Thanks for the tip!

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I was going to order some only to find out they don’t ship to Canada :frowning:

Oh, no! I’m sorry. That sucks.

I used the triple thick water based, satin polyurethane from Varathane for my coasters. One coat only with a brush. I will keep track of how they hold up, but in gathering a few left on the table the next morning, there were no rings or signs of damage.

They dried well enough to stack in four hours in an air conditioned house. After two hours they were not tacky.