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Hello My Name is Terry I’m Kinda new to the glowforge and i was wondering i have a pice of Medium Density Fiberboard I got from home depo a wile ago and i was wondering if i can use it in my Glowforge Basic and if so what will i set my settings to to cut it any help would be ver greatful thanks


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There are a few types out there but the most common is MDF which Glowforge sells either straight up or with veneer if wood as medium whatever from medium MDF or medium maple ply etc.

I don’t like it as it is very smokey and dirty and will fill a filter very quickly.


That’s a “maybe”. MDF can be hard to cut because of the resins used to keep it all together. The core of some of the Glowforge Proofgrade plywood as well as it’s Draftboard are special MDF formulations for laser cutting.

You’ll need to do some testing. For settings I’d start with the Proofgrade Draftboard setting appropriate for your MDF thickness - thick for 1/4" and medium for 1/8".

Then slow down the speed or increase the power until it cuts through. Start with a small square to test so you can get quick results.


I have a fair amount of MDF scraps that I use on my CNC router. Most of it is unusable in the GF.


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