Question about discount for initial european backers


I am a European initial backer on Kickstarter. During the the developpment of glowforge, some discount on future future Glowforge’s shop to apologize about delays.

Domestic backer was able to spend them on Glowforge’s Shop (material or designs) but others backers like me can’t.

Is it possible to have an update on this question. I don’t see anywhere the amount of discounts on my profile. Is that normal? Are the discount still available? Is there an idea when it will be possible to spend them in any way?

Thanks by advance for yo :slight_smile: ur answers. And just for clarification, it is not a complaint, just a question to know what is the present status on this question.

Take care :grinning:

Marc from France


The last I saw was:

but in the same announcement they said the entire EU had access to the shop. So fingers crossed a staff member will see this and send you an email response letting you know about your credits.

Just to clarify - Glowforge was an independent pre-order and did not ever feature on Kickstarter. While this seems to be a common myth, it isn’t true - GF has always been independent of the crowdfunding platforms.

@ben1 you are totally right. I’m backer regularly on Kickstarter but Glowforforge was not in this case. A wrong mental shortcut.

@deirdrebeth, if I receive an answer personnaly and not in this thread, I will share it, hoping it will be a positive one :yum:

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Hello @marc.simon1, thank you for asking! Since this has to do with your personal account, we will follow up with you through email. I’m going to close this topic.