Question about engraving on circular/oval/teardrop shaped items

Hi everyone, wondering if anyone can help me. Since the Magic Canvas tool came out I’ve been playing around with it, and it’s a lot of fun and has been generating very cool stuff for me… BUT… I’m having 2 issues that maybe someone has a solution for. I’m hoping I can explain this right,

I mainly make jewelry and I use a lot of circular and teardrop shapes for pendants and earrings. The vast majority of the Magic Canvas engravings that get generated are square or rectangular and have a dark background that also gets engraved. I don’t want that dark background (I want the image itself to stand out) and I’ve even tried typing “white background” or “no background” and it still generates a dark background. Does anyone have a solution for this?

My second issue is that due to the non-square and non-rectangle shape the majority of my jewelry is, I am wasting material because the engravings are almost always square or rectangular, so the Glowforge engraves the area around, say, the circular pendant or teardrop earrings.

Yes, I have tried erasing the majority of the area around the engraving but it’s very messy and hard to do with a mouse. I never get close to what I need.

So my question is this- is there no way in Glowforge to use a shape as almost a cookie cutter, to cut out the part of the engraving that I want to use on my circle or teardrop shape so that it fits perfectly on my wood and I’m not wasting material? It seems like something so simple but I don’t see any such option. It could be something like the “create outline” tool but instead of just making an outline, you could “punch” that shape out in your engraving. Would be nice to have that added… I feel like it would be sooo useful for so many applications.

I am aware that I can do this is another program, like a photo editing program, and believe me I have several… but I was hoping to avoid this step and do all my work in the Glowforge app.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated and thank you!


The process you are describing is “masking” and unfortunately, the GF does not support masks. As you mentioned, a graphics program is your best option.
Where the background is concerned, have you tried asking for a transparent background?


Hi, yes I meant to mention that I also tried the “transparent background” option and I still get the dark background. I guess I’ll just have to resign myself to using an outside program for now. Thanks for your help!


You are welcome.


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