Question about Glowforge Premium

My Glowforge premium will be coming up for renewal in August and I find that right now, I am just not using it. I may later on, but for the next year, I am limited in play time. Premium is just too expensive to not use.

My question is this - I have downloaded a lot of the premium projects but have not printed any of them yet. If I do not renew my premium, will the current projects still remain on my dashboard?

Thanks for any advice!

I think, though I’m not sure, that you only get to keep the design of the month. The rest you would not be able to print for free, you’d have to buy if you wanted to use them. I could be wrong, but that’s how i interpreted it before.


Just remember, without Glowforge Premium:

  • Your Free with Premium catalog designs will disappear.
  • You will be removed from the Fast Lane servers so your prints will no longer be accelerated.
  • You’ll lose access to the text, shape, outline, and other Creative Tools.
  • Any designs you haven’t used in 30 days will be removed.



Thank you! That helps a lot

Thank you! I hate to lose all the designs, but no sense in paying when I haven’t got the time to print them. Maybe in a year or so when I retire I will have time. I wish premium wasn’t so expensive. :pleading_face:

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