Question about lights

I had the dreaded calibration problem and had two black cords sent. I installed the first carefully and according to the directions and the lights did not come on. Thinking that the cord was bad, I installed the backup. Still no lights. Sent pictures and was told that my machine would need to be sent in. Everything else works. I set a large flashlight on top of the glass and then hit refocus and I am able to place my design and engrave or cut. The question I have is has anyone else had just a light problem? I have been quoted between $400 and $1000 to fix this problem (plus the $200 round trip shipping), and this just seems like a lot of money. Even $400 sounds like a lot (I have a basic machine(, If anyone has had this problem, I was just wondering what it cost them to get it fixed. I apologize if I have put this in the wrong place…

I’m thinking you didn’t mean to open a support ticket – that’s what happens when you post in Problems and Support. If you’re just looking for input from other users, next time just post in Everything Else. :slight_smile:

I don’t have an answer to your question, so hopefully someone else will chime in on that.

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