Question about margins

Just a question on margins. Why is the draft engrave margin further in than the SD graphics engrave? I did a quick search and didn’t see anything. I noticed today while I was setting up my cuts and everything was good, but I wanted to save time and go with draft engrave, and suddenly my stuff was no longer in the allowable print area. If I set it back to SD engrave, it was fine and I can get closer to the edge. Just wondering if there was a reason the margins were different for the different types of engrave.

This is related to the acceleration and deceleration space the print head needs to speed up or slow down, depending on the the operation you selected. Slower speeds usually allow a larger print area.


I thought it might be because of possible knocking if it’s going too fast. I never paid attention. I only noticed that the scores had a smaller margin, today was the first time I notied a difference in engraves. Thanks!

Bump the speed up to 4000 and see how wide they get!

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