Question about positions for multiple pieces

Not sure where this question should go… I am making one of the Harry Potter Monopoly projects - specifically the coins at this point. I know that when I place the designs in the interface on a scrap piece of wood, the objects won’t be exactly where they appear in the interface. My question has to do with the relative position of multiple objects: If I place several objects on the scrap piece, will they be roughly the distance apart that I see on the screen. I want to place them close together to fit several on a piece of wood. Do I need to worry about spacing “between” the objects?
Thanks for any help you can give me.

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If you use ‘set focus’ on your material and then place the art it should be exactly where you see it or very close. My basic is dead on and I can place things just a hair apart.



You shouldn’t. I place objects as close as the beam is wide, around 0.008


While the relationship between on-screen and on-material may not be perfectly accurate, the relationship between items will be correct. If they are spaced apart 1” from one another, they will be spaced apart 1” in the final print.


I often share lines between parts, but I make sure that there is only one cut. I frequently lay out my parts to share common edges so I don’t have any space between the parts.

Thanks to all of you for your comments. I appreciate the experienced help. I’ve been able to fit items into smaller scraps with fewer worries.

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