Question about Proofgrade box contents



I know I read posts where people told what was in their proofgrade boxes, but after 1/2 hour of searching last night I gave up.
My box seems very Maple loaded and was wondering if there is a random factor here, a mistake, or that is just the way it is.
Here is what is in my Proofgrade box:

2 each Standard Natural Leather 5" x 10" 623-05
4 each Medium Hard Maple Hardwood 6" x 12" 201-01 FYI. this is hardwood, not plywood.
2 ea Medium Clear Acrylic 11-3/4" x 20-7/16" 111-03
1 ea Walnut Veneer, with 3M Tape 12" x 20-3/8" 403-03
1 ea Maple Veneer, with 3M Tape 12" x 20-3/8" 401-03
5 ea Medium Hard Maple Plywood 12" x 20" 301-03

No Cherry, no Walnut other than one piece of veneer. Excited to start cutting, just waiting on the machine now.

Couple other points. The material is very flat. That is incredible. Especially on the 1/8" Maple Hardwood. Packed well, no damage. There is a sticky spot on each piece where it seems a label was removed and another added over the top. Others have mentioned this.

I got the one notice from Glowforge about we would like to ship you a machine, but no further communications. The shipping notification came from UPS MyChoice after I signed up like the Glowforge email suggested. It showed up on the calendar a few days before the material arrived and they sent me an email the day before it arrival. The actual Glowforge has not shown up on the calendar so I have to assume that it is still at the factory.


That’s what I got in mine.


Ditto lots of maple


Same I received from way back in March.


Same here too. I have wondered about that sticky spot. And the adhesive for the masking in general.

Do you think the heat affects it? I received mine on a really hot day and have had issues with it leaving residue after engraves (even with Gorilla tape!)


I checked my “would you like your GF” email and what you received is exactly what they said would be in the proofgrade box that comes with the GF. (It was listed in the link called “Your Glowforge is on its way”. ) I received my first email on 6/13 and have not received my proofgrade box nor shipping notice. :slight_smile:


I received my email on the same date and received proofgrade yesterday. I received no email from GF with tracking info but I’m signed up on UPS My Choice and it appeared there last week so I knew it was coming. I’m anticipating GF shipment today or maybe Monday but that’s just a hopeful wild guess, I have no notification otherwise. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the replies.


Wouldn’t that be grand!! I had been checking email every day (few hours really lol), but now I’m a bit troubled by folks not receiving any shipping notice at all. Now I’m obsessively checking MyUPS too (I worry a bit becasue if it sits on my porch unattended very long it will likely be gone.) I live close to Flex so once my baby is on the truck it shouldn’t take long to get here.


Oh yeah I’m obsessive about My UPS… checking both the web version from my computer and their app on my phone just in case one is running better than the other HAHA! :slight_smile:

@millersw.628 is in Colorado and his was 13 days from email to his door so based on that, yours and mine should be leaving Milpitas today. :smiley:

This is an all new level of insanity. LOL. Wouldnt be so bad if I wasnt out of materials to keep working on my car but I’ve been down for a week on that… ugh.


We’re investigating this now (cc @tony).

I believe the current Proofgrade packs are just as you described them.


FWIW, I just received my PF order yesterday and only one of my 15 pieces had a residue spot. The others were clean.


Oh man, I had just reached a level of Zen accepting that it wouldn’t be shipped for another week and had quit trying to calculate the timing of the recent deliveries. Now I need a Valium lol. :sweat_smile:


@dan Do you want to be alerted to other things like, I have a piece of material with small tear in the masking paper. Not a deal to me at all, but for your own QA do you want the teeny details?

This was on the Medium Clear Acrylic.

Also all pieces I received had had the old labels removed and new labels applied.


Oh Lord, I hope not…I occasionally receive something with a slightly torn or wrinkled bit of masking - doesn’t really impact the results, so I haven’t been bothering Glowforge about it.

(I figure they can either mess with that or get a few extra units out the door to folks, and I did think the folks still waiting might prefer to see their units.) :smile:


I received that starter kit list back but had walnut hardwood and maple hardwood. I also had a cherry veneer then.


Mine for the PRU was mostly maple as well. (It’s a good one to learn on.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Like I said, it’s not a big deal to me. If the material did get scuffed because of whatever brushed against it, I know how to polish it.

But GF is outsourcing this product and there are picky people out there that WILL complain about it, and it’s not unreasonable to expect increased levels of care/handling. Had this been some other product that chipped or gouged the finish, or if it was a hard enough hit to create an undetected crack, it would be a much bigger problem that could be easily avoided.

Plus, ModusLink is an ISO9001 certified company. It’s better to send them Non Conformance Reports now while volumes are low and it’s easier to implement better handling, than wait til later and suddenly they get hit with hundreds or thousands of them for the same exact problem.

I have nightmares of ISO implementation… LOL


Just not something I gave any thought to…I’m used to having to deal with some seriously damaged materials from the local HW store…it’s usually an act of heaven if you can find something that isn’t dinged up somewhere. :smile:


Yep! And it’s also possible they already have established an acceptable level of blemishes that they allow to pass through QA… Hey, the USDA has levels of rat poop and rat hair that they deem allowable in peanut butter so anything is probable. :smiley: