Question about purchased designs

I purchased the endless coffee coasters. Love the design but have issues with the placement of the circles. I want to open the design in inkscape and pull the circles out of the case circle pieces. I have tried this on the forge, however the design never maintains the original size.
Thank you in advance.

As far as I know we can not open Glowforge designs in anything except the interface. We can add things to engrave onto it but that is all.

Circles are easy in Inkscape.

I am also curious if it is possible to get the SVG files for purchased designs…can Dan answer that question

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Dan can but might not for awhile - he isn’t on all the time. But he has said in the past that the answer is no. You’re buying the right to make one (or many) of a design, not the design itself.

Thanks for the quick response! Too bad…would save time recreating!

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:slightly_smiling_face: lots of folks have asked for it so you could precisely modify them with personal embellishments.

Thank you for the help, everyone! I’m going to close this post.

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