Question About Selling My Pro

Has anyone on here sold their machine to someone else in the community? How would I go about getting the new owner an account? I haven’t sold it yet, but want to know the process. I just haven’t had time to use it lately because my Uncle has cancer and we have been helping him. It is still under warranty. How would I get that to the new owner?

Thanks for any advice or information.

Sorry about your Uncle and tight finances.

Folks post about selling all the time. Give a rough estimate about use and how long you’ve had it and where you are located.


Thank you. Which category should I post it under?

I’m sorry too, and if you are interested in the transfer of ownership from the Glowforge side - the best thing to do is send an email to when you have sold the machine with your information, the serial number of the machine, and the information of the purchaser so they can transfer the ownership to the new owner.


Everything Else is a good spot for those, and also Hugs


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