Question about shipping

So random question, I have moved since ordering of my glow forge and I have been seeing people here and there saying that they got a notification from ups that their glow forge was shipping but they didn’t get their golden email. I was wondering if I am for sure suppose to get an email and give up to date shipping info before it will possibly ship or am I just reading those other post wrong that peoples are shipping with out the email? Sorry if this has been answered just nervous about missing mine or it shipping to my old house and current owners say look at this new awesome toy lol.


The instances I’ve read about here were folks who received their golden email, gave them the shipping address, but did not receive the shipping notification. You should be fine. :sunglasses:


Correct. They won’t ship without a response to the golden email. That’s how they get your address.

Then it seems they mostly ship without notifying that the shipment is on its way.