Question about shop credit

I have a couple of referral gift cards sitting in my email account, but I haven’t used them due to not understanding the whole deal. I have credit left from before they switched over to gift cards…if I remember correctly, I could pull some out as cash instead of credit (if some of the referrals are unused), but with the new gift cards, once I add the code, is my option to pull out cash down the road gone? Even if I don’t dip into them, and they just sit there in my account while I use up the other credit first? I don’t want to lose my codes in my email, but I haven’t added them because I have thought I may need the cash down the road.
I don’t like having it split up all over (or floating in the abyss of my email)…it’s so much easier to have all in one place.
Sharon rose

When you receive a gift card or credit for a referral, you should also receive an email with your cash-out information. If you’ve used any portion of the credits in the store, you are unable to request a cash out for those referrals.

If you need additional information on how to cash out, please email us and we’ll get you all of the things you need. The links are private so posting them here on the forum might be an issue.

You can also view for additional information.

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Hi Josh, so how can I add, or deposit, a gift card into my glowforge account if I’m not currently buying something from the shop? I have 4 that I have codes for, but I don’t know where to add them. I also have credit still from the previous set up, before the gift cards…will these newest 4 be added to that sum?
Thanks for your help.

Sharon rose

Because this issue will require providing account information, I’m going to close this topic and respond to you via email shortly.