Question about the Glowforge Web Portal (Web Management)

@dan and @aeva

Quick question-

Is the landing page for the glowforge ‘management’ / ‘job control’ page going to be flash-free? And require minimal resources? So something like you run of the mill SoC could run with no issues? (i.e RPi A/B+ or the Zero, Beaglebone Black etc…)

If so, I think I have an idea for a project for our weekly craft nights.

I don’t work for GF but I expect it is html5 so would work well cross platform asking as you have a modern browser. I doubt it is flash as they have mentioned iPads and browser support.

I have no experience of PIs and if they can handle html5 but I would have thought it would have a good go

The chromium browser for Raspian does support html5. Some audio and video codecs need to be enabled at the command line, but they wouldn’t typically be needed for interactivity.

My personal view is that Dev board support would and should take a back seat to mainstream platforms. While I enjoy working with pi & 'duinos, I’d never expect apps to work out of the box on them. Then again, I’m a web developer, not a hardware entrepreneur…

@karaelena At the moment I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.