Question about the Shipping Email

Under the tips, it says not to sign if the package is damaged.

I can certainly guess what this means, however, I would like some more guidance on this from GF if possible. I see a lot of posts show some damage to the packaging, and that seems to be fine for the most part, so I guess it needs to worse than that? Or is this just a personal judgment thing?


If the package is obviously damaged to the point that bits of glass or the box is soaked in coolant fluid coming out, then do not sign for it. Many units arrive in damaged or crunched boxes, but are otherwise okay.

If you accept the package and discover the Glowforge is damaged, you’re still covered under an out-of-box warranty. Don’t be too concerned if you see minor holes or crunched boxes – support will still cover returns of damaged units.


Mine was missing three handles and had one small tear in the box. It was signed for, and Ildanach was in pristine condition


Judgement call. All the packages arrive with some damage. Very few seem to be free of large crushes or tears. Lots of good working Glowforges.

Yes, leaking fluid, shards of glass coming out. A refuse might be in order.


Thanks for asking.

We designed our packaging specifically for shipping the Glowforge safely. In the highly unusual event that you can see that your Glowforge is damaged while it’s still in the packaging, please reject delivery. Otherwise, please accept shipment, take pictures of any damage to the packaging, and then unpack your Glowforge. If you see damage to your unit once it’s unpacked, just email pictures to and we’ll reply with guidance.